COVID as a factor in your study abroad applications – Do you Know?

History is replete with instances of individuals using an adversity to their advantage. The case of “Half filled Glass” is a classic example of a different perspective.

Corona or COVID is a tragedy of great implications to our life. Student lives have been thrown out of gears what with many countries still in lock out. We have many types of students who are yet to decide or are in a state of confusion.

The reasons are not far to seek. One of them is the countries have not yet opened their airspaces. Secondly the COVID cases mean students are scared to venture to those countries. Both have their logic and need consideration.

We would like to give our own perspective to the above predicament. This can help students to have an alternate view leading to a positive decision. Let us consider a few facts in hand.

The country with the largest number of Indian students is United States. As per the last report from IIE released by the govt of USA approximately 200,000 students’ study in the States, an increase of 2.5% over the previous year. (Refer to Open Doors Report – Education USA November 2019).

Consider the current situation prevailing with respect to institutions recruiting international students:
  • 1. Top institutions like Harvard, Stanford have deferred offer letters
  • 2. Many of the other institutions have given admits with option of online classes till situation improves
  • 3. Some institutions have waived/relaxed GRE/GMAT scores
  • 4. Scholarships have been provided by many institutions
  • 5. In some cases, application waivers have been given along with other relaxations

There are many factors the students take into consideration while deciding upon to study abroad. Considering the current situation, it is only normal the student looks at the pandemic situation in a negative way.

Those students who are somehow keen to apply but waiting for the right advise need to look at the situation in a positive way.
  • 1) To start with, there are bound to be lesser applicants compared to last year. This means there is lesser competition.

  • 2) For those who fear COVID please note institution are given option to study from home at least for the next 2 semesters if not more. This means you are saved from travelling to the destination

  • 3) While relaxation of GRE/GMAT is advantageous it is better to take up those for the simple reason that most students do take up these and thus have a good case

  • 4) Save your financial burden by encashing on 1) Scholarship and 2) Accommodation cost

  • 5) Last but not the least might be a lost opportunity as the next academic year is bound to be flooded with students who missed out this year apart from the new ones

It is the same situation in other countries like United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and Canada which are considered the top study destinations for Indian students as per current student recruitment trends.

The student is free to use their judgement to decide which country they would like to choose. For a better understanding on the right destination and to seek guidance on what is the best course of action the student should talk to the right expert/consultant. For more details students may send their queries to