Study in UK

United Kingdom or Great Britain is a developed country and a leading study destination for students. As a study destination it is ranked no.2 in the world by most rankings. Many institutions from U.K are ranked in the top 50 in Global Institutions Rankings.


  • • Britain offers one of the best education systems in the world
  • • 70+ universities in the Q.S top 500 universities
  • • Leading location to learn automobile, information technology, bio technology, basic sciences, language, aerospace, medicine, commerce and management

Career Opportunities

  • • Headquarters to some of the leading automobile, aeronautical, aerospace, information technology companies
  • • Opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading research institutions
  • • English speaking country
  • • Most MNC’s have a regional headquarters in London

Admission Trivia

U.K follows its own education system with emphasis high school and college education. The public universities are highly ranked and with tough eligibility norms. The private universities offer accredited programs with their own eligibility norms.

Undergraduate Programs

  • • SAT/IB Diploma/Advanced Placement Certificate scores required
  • • IELTS scores with a minimum of 6.0

Graduate Programs

  • • Bachelors program
  • • IELTS scores with a minimum of 6.0