Study Abroad – Myths and Realities

I happened to talk to a student who wanted to give a shot with the best universities in U.S.A. A casual chat with the student revealed a funny assumption. He had a stupendous score in GRE as per his standards (317). He was mentioning how he wanted only the best schools for his Masters in Computer Science. Probing further, I happened to go through his academics, and he was in the average category (7.2 CGPA).

I had to make him understand that due to his overall academic score, his chances in securing admission to the best universities were rather low. The student was shocked because the myth was prepare for GRE for a high score and you are there. Admission stories are abound with such myths. Only a professional expert can clear such myths and provide the right guidance. EduSaarathi is there to provide such assistance for aspiring students.

The EduSaarathi way

High School student, college graduate, working professionals or unemployed youth need guidance, support and motivation to help them succeed.

We believe that individual preferences, market reality, and trends are key determinants in achieving success. This is achieved through a 3 Step process. The milestones at the end of each step are clearly outlined.


EduSaarathi provides holistic counseling for students applying to universities abroad. Currently we offer our services for STEM and Non STEM programs offered by universities in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Singapore and Australia. Our counseling team consists of professionals who have lived, travelled and studied in the respective countries.

At EduSaarathi we offer customised services as per the need of the student. The student has an option to choose from ES Global or ES Custom Packages.

Fixed Packages
As part of ES Global Package we offer holistic counseling to countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore and Australia. The students are offered the following support services:

Application Evaluation
At this stage which is the ASSESS stage of the process the student is evaluated by the counselor. Destination & Course Identification, Eligibility, Budget are discussed to arrive at a clear objective. At the end of this stage the counseling team provides a solution from which the student should choose the package.

Institution Shortlisting
Once the student is evaluated and the destination is finalised the counselor provides the short list. The short list is provided based on the evaluation at the previous stage. At this stage – called TRANSFORM – the student’s needs are transformed through discussion, facts and guidance.

Application Documentation
This stage is part of the TRANSFORM stage where the student submits application to shortlisted institutions. Application Documentation consists of documentation as required by institutions consisting of Application Forms, Resume, Transcripts, Statement of Purpose or Essay, Letter of Recommendation, Passport, etc.

VISA counseling
Part of the TRANSFORM stage the VISA counseling is an important stage where the student’s objective gets fulfilled. Student is provided guidance on the required documentation for the VISA application and answering queries.

Single Country ES Global Packages available:

• Canada
• Germany
• France
• United Kingdom
• Australia
• France
• Singapore

Multi Country ES Global Combo Packages:

• USA/Canada
• U.K/Ireland
• Canada/Ireland
• Germany/France
• Australia/Singapore

ES Custom packages

Shortlisting – Our Shortlisting services provides custom shortlist of institutions for school and college students for undergraduate and graduate programs. These services are open for specific countries like the United States, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, France and Singapore. Students may also sign up for other countries on demand.

Document Review – We provide document review services like SOP (Statement of Purpose) review, Essay review which are requested by universities from leading destinations. These are custom packages and package cost is based on country and number of reviews.

VISA Counseling – Our counseling team provides VISA counseling for specific countries on demand. As a part of this service we provide the following guidance:

• VISA process – Each country has different processes
• Interview Handling
• Post Arrival Guidance

Note: ES Custom packages are available only for specific countries